Shout out to Tony Jones: New book coming soon

Steve posted at Emergent Village this update on Tony’s new book:

Tony Jones’ new book The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier doesn’t come out until March 2, 2008, but Sam Andress already has an early review: “This is the one book I would hand anyone who has a caricatured understanding of all things emergent. It is a journalistic sort of narrative with deep humility along side a bubbling passion to clearly articulate the theological shifts which are shaping and transforming the church into something beautifully ancient and future, something on the frontier where the explorers are roaming! Tony lucidly paints the frameworks of understanding out of which this emergent church and its corresponding theology arise. It is also written in an emergentesque style. It is not a ‘how-to-start-an-emergent-church guide.’”

Tony has posted official endorsements over on his new website, and of course there’s a Facebook group you can join to keep in the loop on the new book as well.

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