A run at Farewell Bend Park

It’s been so long since last time…

anticipation growing the closer and closer I get.

Not sure whether the coffee and yogurt will be kind or cruel.

Sunny, cool

Frost on the ground.

Run, run, the freedom in movement, wind, and cold.

Feeling the altitude, trying to find the right rhythm

of breathing… breathing… gasping… okay, breathing and pacing.

The river on my left, birds singing.

Chickadee, jay, flicker, robin



Which one is it? They’re always on the go…

The geese and ducks stay put… the permanent residents here.

They own this water.

Breathing… breathing hard… legs never quit.

Walk the bridge, pay tribute to the water, no reason not to slow.

Back on the trail… oh, wait… what bird is that?


Woman coming… don’t let her think you are tired…

or watching birds… even worse

Moving on and done before I know it.

Hands cold, back dripping, legs warm

Dizzy… the rush of cold, warm, adrenaline

God, doIreallyliveherethisisbeautifulsunmountainsriversthankyouthanky

outhankyouInevercouldhaveaskedforanythingmoreGod… speachless

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