Pet Finder – Useful and Cruel!

It seems everyone wants a pet but no one wants to be bothered keeping track of them, so GPS and other pet tracking devices have become quite popular lately. The Pet Finder however uses a far simpler approach, but I can’t imagine there are too many pet owners willing to use it.

A relatively small, waterproof tag is attached to your pet’s collar and when activated by an included remote, will sound an 85db audible beep you can use to locate the animal. For comparison, a gas lawnmower or shop tools are rated at about 90db, so I’m pretty sure having an 85db beeping tag hanging around your neck isn’t that pleasant. Particularly when you consider a dog’s hearing is far more sensitive than our own.

You can find the Pet Finder at GadgetsUK for about $40 and it includes 4 separate color coded tags and a special tool for attaching them to a collar.

[ Pet Finder ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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