Church and Community Consulting

Since the summer of 2007, I have had the amazing opportunity to work as one paid to understand and connect with significant population of Bend who are disconnected from traditional church, especially the 21-35 yr old demographic. It has been my primary focus to learn who they are, what they are looking for in community, and how the kingdom of God might be made real in their midst.

n63803014_31552685_3725-1It is my hope to use the relationships and experience I have gained to benefit the local churches here in Bend in deeply significant ways.  The perspective of those who are not in churches is invaluable to our local church communities.

After graduating with a youth ministry degree and Masters of Divinity,  seven years in youth ministry, experience in community growth, spiritual formation, discipleship, small groups, and significant exposure to cross-denominational bridge-building (evangelical and mainline, conservative and liberal), I have a deep passion for seeing the local church transform the city of Bend.

Part of developing this transformational ministry is hearing the voices of those we are not connecting with. This is what I hope to share with your staff and community.

How we hope to serve you and
help you build bridges to the community

Here’s what we will do together in
One Week

(for a more general “first impression” experience)

Nate and potentially a few individuals from the community (non-church attending) will visit:

  • Sunday services
  • Sunday school
  • One small group or midweek gathering

bridgeWORKS will provide:

  • an intentional and very interactive time with the staff. Timing at your choosing.
  • A written observation of the experience
  • Helpful insight on where to potentially go from here.


Here’s what we will do together in
Three Weeks

(a much more in depth and comprehensive experience)

Nate and potentially a few individuals from the community (non-church attending) will visit:

  • Sunday services
  • Various Sunday morning classes
  • One midweek gathering per week

bridgeWORKS will provide:

  • Up to three conversations with staff
  • A written observation of the experiences
  • Helpful insight on where to potentially go from here.


bridgeWORKS also offers creative workshops and transformational group dialogs that will help your church staff and congregation develop clear strategies for building bridges in the Bend Community. Price will be decided in conversation and will depend on subject and depth.

Potential areas of discussion include conversational evangelism, relational discipleship, small group strengthening, men’s development (spiritual and emotional), teaching for the 21st century, and more.

“Nate is well grounded in Christian faith which frees him to serve others regardless of their circumstances.  He accepts others, listens well, and seeks to know each person as created by God.  He builds relationships with young adults,  caring for them with the love of Christ.  His personal disciplines keep him healthy spiritually and physically, leading others in the way of Jesus.  He is articulate and perceptive and seeks to learn from every situation.”

~Rev. Lorraine Stuart (Spiritual Director, pastor of Spiritual formation @ 1st Presbyterian Church Bend)

If your church is serious.intentional about building the Kingdom…you want Nate on your team, by your side…in it with you.  He gets the church…

he gets the ones in the margins…on the edge, and he gets them together…sitting with the questions.wondering.  Nate is totally sold out…bent on building the bridges of truth and trust with the hungry ones.  What he is learning in the listening places is stuff you need to hear and understand if your desire is connect, bring into community the ones he is knowing and loving.  I count it as honor to walk with Nate as mentor, friend, partner in ministry…he teaches me.

~…parker | founder.director of bridgeworks

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