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VillageWorks is an Oregon non-profit in partnership with Bridgeworks, an educational 501[c]3 represented by Sarah Mikolowsky, Christian Hawes, and Nate Bettger.

VillageWorks is focused on growing sustainable and mature communities where individuals can experience the context of village practice. Village culture is the name of the game… Nate’s emphasis is personal one-on-one conversations, relationship building / growing, innovative ways of bringing people together, transformational dialog facilitation, and community survival tactics. His resonance is with the title, Village Alchemist.

Some of these ways will be an emphasis on masculine.feminine spiritual growth and rites of passage, intentional living in community, challenging dialog with the desire to learn from those who think differently, and an integration of spirituality into our conscious living.

And in other words:

VillageWorks is dedicated to providing a tangible and accessible community network. We aim to provide a platform for connecting people within our community to each other and to empower individuals to better recognize and utilize the abundance of resources available to them in healthy and creative ways.

We call this network a village and we intend to cultivate and nurture the village experience.

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VillageWorks projects in Bend include:


One thought on “VillageWorks

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t check this out initially when you sent it to me but I am getting around to it tonight. About a year and a half ago I stood in front of a group of men in Bend and made statements that sounded eerily similar to the ones I just read here.
    I didn’t get as far as I wanted but my dream remains, and that is to connect with the people, mainly the men, of Central Oregon.
    How I wanted to connect, and still plan to, is in many ways and look forward to meeting up with you so we can talk more.


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