Spiritual Integration @ Mandala

Life Stages, Initiation, and Elders: A way to transforming community for future generations
Saturday, January 29 (noon to 3pm) and Sunday, January 30 (9am to 1pm)

Facilitated by Nate Bettger

Join us for our first weekend Spiritual Integration Experience at Mandala Yoga Community. We will be diving into challenging and transformative material from Bill Plotkin, Richard Rohr, Michael Meade, and others to envision and live into a transformed way of being community that will change the world our for our future generations. Expect experiential exercises, personal reflection, and enlightening dialog all within the sacred space of Mandala Yoga studio. We may be making an audio recording for further reflection purposes.

Participants must sign up ahead of time by emailing nate@rockthevillage.com or signing up online at Mandala yoga Community.
Cost: $70

Previous Series:

Dialogs on Nature and the Human Soul
by Bill Plotkin



Nonviolent Communication,
by Marshall Rosenberg

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