Conversation… hospitality…

Part of my own personal passion, and in my opinion, a mark of healthy community is the emphasis on conversation and hospitality.

It is my desire to support communities in their efforts to invite dialog and questions. We seek to create space where people can feel at home enough to be authentic and to really vocalize their questions. When we gather together for significant amounts of time we begin to see what it means to be family with the world around us. Once we can begin to be in loving dialog with those who are different than us, we can begin to unify as people who want to change our city and world. The extent of our global unity and efforts to make a sustainable positive impact is entirely dependent on our ability to converse and work together with those who are different than us.

Current happenings and values:

  • We make an effort to spend time with and learn from those whose views are very different than us. It is a discipline to come together with opposing ideas and still come away loving each other.
  • Community meals (lots of them)… especially Saturday morning breakfasts!!! Every Saturday at 9:30. LINK for info

Future Hopefuls:

  • Seeking to build communities living together in common living areas (houses, neighborhoods) where we can take care of each other and invite others in.
  • Communicating with the Bend community that if people need places to stay they can find them with us when they can contribute in some way to the community life (not money necessarily). By the way, is an amazing resource for this.
  • Other opportunities for focused dialog (panel discussions, guest speakers, etc)

As always, please contact me if you are interested in being a part of what is happening or could happen in this area

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