Wondrous and terrible places

Life truly leads us into wondrous places and also terrible places. Perhaps the two don’t need to be so separate. These times, in fact any time really, show us that each moment can hold a depth of wonder AND a depth of terror. How do we really feel what peacefulness, tranquility, feels like if we can’t tap into the chaos and disorder that swirls around us? How can we feel the depth of graciousness and compassion if not honoring the possibility of closing off and shutting out? How do we honor the feelings and need for connection and contact without also noting the places of disconnection? 

Growth happens in this momentous and pivotal time, while we also feel stagnancy and questions. It seems we have the opportunity to trust this… trust that in the timeline of life and the divine, this is brief. It seems we have the opportunity to honor the reality that this time causes us to face… that people can die any time, that our presence has impact, that we are connected to other lives on this planet. This is not new. New for us, yes, but not new. How can we ride the waves? Honestly, authentically, allowing ourselves to hurt when we hurt, cry when we need to cry, and struggle when we struggle. We don’t have to help everyone. We don’t even have to help ourselves. We can receive and wait and bless even in our brokenness. 

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