I made a girl throw up

Yes it’s true. That sweet little girl, who got on the bus and asked if she could talk to me while I drove… she threw up right before she got off at her stop. I heard her whimpering as she asked, “Can I have a wastebasket?”

I knew it was motion sickness as she got a bit queasy yesterday too. And it probably didn’t help that the thoughts going through my head as I was driving were something like. “Whoa, bumpy road… if I go faster will it get less bumpy? … whoa, stop. Turn! Is this the right place? Stop… floor it… there’s a car coming… crazy driver (the other guy)…” all to the rhythm of the hip hop I had to turn off when I got to the elementary school due to it’s lack of educational content.

So I made her throw up. She was pretty sad. I just grinned (to myself) and tried to slow down a bit, while offering her some comfort. Her dad actually apologized to me. Go figure.

So yah, this stuff happens to me these days. I guess it keeps life interesting, while doing things that I would rather not do. I remember saying to Kat Sunday night, after a very satisfying spring break, “I LOATH the fact that I am going back to school bus driving tomorrow.” And when I’m not driving it really does feel that bad. It’s only temporary.

Sometimes (actually often, I suppose), we do what we have to do for the people we love. Life is not all about me, after all. Aren’t most things temporary, anyway?

**and for the record, I am a pretty good bus driver… and I recommended she not sit in the front seat next time**

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