The earth shall teach us

The earth herself and the created order most purely reveal the truth of the divine. It is as things were created to be that we find the absence of the influence of human will, which so often leads to disorder, control, and abuse as much as it leads to love and unity. Without the human will, we find wildness, and where we find wildness, we find truth, wholeness, and perfection.

Could the soaring eagle be more perfect?
Could the howling wolf be more perfect?
Could the blossoming cherry tree or the emerging daffodil be more perfect?
What about the new-fallen snow, the song of the robin, the rising sun, the flowing creek, or the lush undergrowth in the forest?

Could any of these things be better or more right than they are in their wildness and freedom? We do well to learn our lesson from our mother, the earth, and our brothers and sisters that rest upon and walk along her belly. She will teach us how to be ourselves, as we were created to be. She is in the Christ as the Christ is in her.

In Christ were created all things in heaven and on earth: everything visible and invisible… Before anything was created, Christ existed, and Christ holds all things in unity. (Colossians 1:15-17)

Whatever name we give, whatever image works best, there is a unity and a creating at work for all time. It is love and it is beauty and it is rightness. It is wild and free.

2 thoughts on “The earth shall teach us

  1. well i agree humans are the source of entropy; well it is also true nature is predicated upon entropy. abuse? watch a lioness have her way with a wildabeest. Mankind is fit atop the natural plane for the purpose of stewardship. Fail it and we fail but it is not because we do not belong as nature is perfected by the absurdity of our residence


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