Dig your well deep

It is not naive or small-minded to settle on one spiritual path or rest with one tradition or religion. There is a time in life for being skeptical, for questioning everything, but it is only good for a time. It doesn’t do a lot of good for the long run. The ego wants to keep us in a place of questioning, just as it wants to keep us in a place of surety.

We must dig a well deep within our tradition. Learn the tools of the other wells, yes, but find the well we will dig or we will never get to the life-water that is deep under the surface. To dig many shallow wells in many traditions never gets us to the water. When we finally get deep down, we find that there is only one water… one life. But we have found it with our well. I will meet you there in the underground aquifer of love, Truth, and union.

When we come out the other side, when we cross over that line of being done with the skepticism, we recognize that that time was good, just as the time for literalism was good. In the place, we see that we have much farther to go on the journey, many places to find ourselves, and it is ok that we are not there yet.

2 thoughts on “Dig your well deep

  1. Hey bro. As in all things there needs to be a balance. Over the years I have discovered other traditions and beliefs and adopted some of them, integrating them into my life as a Christ-follower. Although, admittedly (and ashamedly), I often have doubts if Christ is really the One Truth. My searching has helped me become more open-minded and loving but it has also made me restless and aching to be still. To stop my searching and just accept that the Christian life-how Jesus lived-is the right life and to live it out, not as a “Christian” -because I hate that term-but as a daughter of the King. To be okay with the fact that I just happened to be born into “Christianity.” Why me? I feel so unworthy and confused, but try to be grateful…

    Anyway I liked this post but I’m confused because I feel like, as i’ve talked to you, you’ve believe the opposite, that it’s good to wrestle with different beliefs and traditions. If not, what would you say your “one spiritual path” is? Curious…and excited to see you in just a few days!


    1. Britt,
      We do have lots to talk about, don’t we? I’ve sat with your wonderful questions for a bit. I don’t want to answer them entirely. I will say, though, for myself that yes I learn from other traditions very frequently. There are many times I struggle with them, but most of the time I know that the struggle is because of me, not because of a specific doctrine or belief. Some things just don’t work for me.

      My personal path is historical mystical Christianity. There is a great need for this to make an uprising in our western world as so many spiritual seekers are aching for a connection with their ancestors.

      I must say in my own observation the life that Jesus lived is very rarely the “Christian” life… But you know that too. I think the life and the Humanity that Jesus lived is right, not because it is Jesus who lived it, but because it is the right way to live, God’s way, and Jesus was here to show us what that was all about.

      I want to hear more about the unworthiness and ingratitude… Not that it is wrong or right to feel it but what is the shape of it? What does God say to you in that place? How does it take flesh as you pray? You are struggling with what is and what might have been otherwise. You are surely not alone in that. Let’s talk about it in person, hm?

      Love you,


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