New Spiritual Integration Experience podcasts

On Saturday, January 29 and Sunday, January 30, I facilitated a workshop at Mandala Yoga Community called Life Stages, Initiation, and Elders. We took an integrative look at all three topics and how we can live into a more mature and sustainable future as a community. We shared in material by Bill Plotkin, Richard Rohr, Michael Meade and wisdom passed down over centuries of wisdom-based communities. I cannot emphasize enough the importance and depth of what shared together and how it effects the world for our children’s children’s children. This is not a time for half-assing it. Expect story, personal reflection, ritual, and challenging dialog. Join us on the podcast.

Day one (Part one and two) is primarily on Bill Plotkin’s 8 Stages of Soul and Eco-centric development. Day two is very much community brainstorming and reflecting on rites of passage and the encouragement of elder development in our community!

April brings the next Spiritual Integration Experience… the importance of ritual, personal and community.

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