“Serious” Spirituality

Two young seekers reflect together on the paradox and dynamic of being young men dedicated to the spiritual path.

One says, “I have found that if I am going to surround myself with people dedicated to serious spirituality, I am usually going to be one of the youngest in the room.”

“Serious” spirituality, eh? I didn’t know that spirituality was such a serious thing! I am struck most often with the lack of seriousness in the most influential spiritual teachers… why do you think that is? I suppose because they recognize that most things don’t really matter that much after all.

When I look at Jesus, I don’t see him as a deeply serious man. Not trite or jovial, necessarily… but not too serious. He talked about banquets where all were invited and no one came… he talked about paying people equal wages no matter what work they had done… he talked about life in the kingdom, life of love, forgiveness, no worries. I see him saying these things with a wink and a smile. Because he knew, he understood, he saw behind and around the seriousness.

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