The Zen Master and the Christian

A Christian once visited a Zen master and said, “Allow me to read you some sentences from the Sermon on the Mount.”

“I shall listen to them with pleasure,” said the master.

The Christian read a few sentences and looked up. The master smiled and said, “Whoever said those words was truly enlightened.”

This pleased the Christian. He read on. The master interrupted and said, “Those words com from a savior of mankind.”

The Christian was thrilled. He continued to read to the end. The master then said, “That sermon was pronounced by someone who was radiant with divinity.”

The Christian’s joy knew no bounds. He left, determined to return and persuade the master to become a Christian.

On the way back home he found Jesus standing by the roadside. “Lord,” he said enthusiastically, “I got that man to confess that you are the divine!”

Jesus smiled and said, “And what good did it do you except to inflate your Christian ego?” – de Mello

One thought on “The Zen Master and the Christian

  1. Nate–
    I love this story! It gets right to the heart of the matter…
    Thanks for your comment on my post, and your permission to link to your site! And thanks for doggin’ me to tea!


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