No Pressure for climate change… or is there?

I was just recently sent a video that was a preview to the short film, No Pressure. Essentially, those who were not behind the climate change movement, got blown up. After checking out the website to see if the film was actually for real, I was impressed by the producers note on the site. They have withdrawn the movie and issued an apology.

There may be some concern that the global climate change argument has gone past scientific and has corrupted politics and public policy. I don’t think we need scientific reasons to care about climate change or lowering our abuse and consumption of our planet. Whether there is an issue with increasing climate on our planet or not, I still want to live with an awareness of how my choices are effecting my home that I need to live. The statistics of how much consumption and depletion of resources has taken place since the industrial revolution are enough for me.

How much water I use, where my food comes from, gas use, the effect my driving or eating or recreating has on mother earth, father sky and my brothers and sisters, the trees, birds, and animals… these are things that I want to live with an awareness of and a consideration of. I believe very strongly that humans, in majority, especially in America, have been separated from their life source. This is definitely not a scientific argument. I think our politics and public policy would do well to put a bit more emphasis on things that are perhaps as great in significance than simply science. A consideration of spirit, soul, and relationship with our planet and its inhabitants.

Spirituality starts with nature. Without a relationship there, without a realization of our dependence on the planet, it is too easy for our values to get out of sync. As we seek to live in sustainable (even additive!) community, it is paramount that the consideration of our earth is remembered as part of that community.


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