Daniel Vitalis and “taking the red pill”

I have been tuning in to Daniel Vitalis lately and really resonating with his ideas on health awareness, human domestication, and the ways that we as human beings can become more conscious inhabitants of this Earth. Here are a couple youtube videos that have really spoken to me. They are all part of longer talks, so if you find them interesting, I recommend watching the ones that come after.

Much of what I like is Daniel’s talks on water. Water holding memory… our bodies being made of 85% water… connecting with the place we live by drinking the live water from the local springs. There is so much we don’t know… so much we are not told.

Kat and I went on our own spring finding adventure. For those who are in Central Oregon and looking for a local drinking spring, go to the Cold Spring campground 4 miles west of Sisters on hwy 242. You can park on the side of the highway or walk to the source from the campground parking. It was so beautiful… I wish I had pictures. There was so much green in and around the spring even with the snow cover. The water is so fresh and you can drink it right out of the ground. It could be my imagination but I actually got kind of a buzz from drinking it.

As Daniel and others say (like David Wolfe), water is far more than just H2O. Coming from thousands of feet down, it actually rises out of the ground. What is it about natural water that makes it defy gravity?!? And if it holds memory and information, it is far better than the purified, chlorinated toilet water that comes out of the tap. The fact that we have antimicrobial-ized our water leaves our immune systems very weak. And then there is the fluoride… according to this site, fluoride in water can be traced to “Adolf Hitler, who added fluoride to the Nazi prison camp water supplies to lull the prisoners into a sense of complacency so they would not try to escape. It is doubtful that Hitler was concerned about the prisoner’s dental health.” So what does fluoride do to us who drink it and bathe in it every day? Here is an article that sums it up pretty well. Here is another one! Should we take showers in bleach?

So yah, been taking the “red pill” lately…

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