Fugitive pieces… a film of wounds, healing, and freedom

I saw the movie “Fugitive Pieces” last week (trailer below), and have been sitting with it for quite some time now. So poetic and so heartfelt, it is one that truly does offer some amazing insight as to how we can heal from the things that wound us most. Jakob Beer saw his parents killed right in front of him during Nazi Germany. For his entire life, he suffers from these wounds… seeking to heal them through others and only finding that the healing must come from himself as he is loved by others.

Some of my favorite quotes:

The best thing about wood is not that it burns, but that it floats.

Ben: I don’t understand how you could have gone through what you did and still be so generous… still write the things you do. I used to think that if I understood you, I could understand my father better. But it’s like you’re from different worlds.

Jakob: Well… I don’t think so. Your father told me not long ago that he would still dream about his mother and father… smallest things… the detail of his mothers’s coat… a button… his father’s shoes out in the rain… and that when he woke up in the morning, old as he was, he was still crying.

Child I long for, child I dream. If we conceive you, think of us sometimes, your mother and me, when it rains. And one day when you’ve almost forgotten, I pray you’ll let us return. That through an open window, even in the middle of a city, the sea air of our marriage will find you. I pray that one day in a room that only by night’s snow, you will suddenly know how miraculous is your parent’s love for each other. My son… my daughter… if we conceive you know that once I was lost in the forest. I was so afraid, my blood pounded in my chest and I knew my heart’s strength would soon be exhausted. I saved myself without thinking. I grasped the two syllables closest to me and replaced my heartbeat with your name… Bella… now I see that i must give what i most need.

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