Re: being more articulate

So my last post regarding articulating better what I think… defining… clarifying… etc, has now had some time to sink in. The feedback I received was good.

I am not sure that a full 100% turn is the best option.  Think about what is essential to get clearer and what is not essential that can still be kept in an undefined state for more time.

I haven’t noticed that your questioning stance is a barrier to good communication among us — it’s just you.  As for clarity — that’s hard to come by in such a venture that we’re on, following the Spirit into new areas.  The emerging church movement isn’t known for statements, etc., as far as I know.

I do think that sharing what you believe and why is a good thing, but… It’s okay if there are things about God and about following Christ that you haven’t yet figured out.  In that case, the honest answer is something like, “I’m still working that out.” 

Not to say that I haven’t heard those who are saying, Nate it’s a good thing to say it more clearly… but after all the inner hoopla in regards to what I might hash out more clearly… I never got around to it. I think I was having too many conversations with people, doing too much, and experiencing living in what I believe, to write it down or dig in more.

So I am sitting with it. Living it. True, I’m digging a little deeper… journaling more… trying to say it in one sentence instead of 30. But yah, “I’m still working that out.”

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