I Bonsai

…And at this point it’s not all that pretty. I think mainly I just want to keep them alive. I have had a few trees for the last couple months now and they are all doing pretty well. Not much to show for them though. I’m learning. I am a bit hesitant to post pictures as I want them to look like real bonsai and not like some scrawny sticks with a few leaves sticking out of them. But, I have put the pics of some of them below.

It’s the philosophy of bonsai that is really teaching me, I think. Slow down. Prune a bit here, pinch there… a week later new growth happens somewhere else. Not too much at one time. There is so much waiting involved. It is so much like what I am learning about growing communities. I want so deeply to know what things are going to look like in the future. I look and I study and I just can’t see it. I have to wait for more branches to come out. For more growth to happen. This will take so long. I am only just beginning this journey and I am not good at seeing what will come, what there is to be grown out of what we have.

Maybe in ten years or so. No one ever begins as an expert do they?

Mugo pine that I finally got into a good form
Mugo pine that I finally got into a good form
Japanese White Pine... haven't done anything yet
Japanese White Pine... haven
Juniper in semi-cascade
Juniper in semi-cascade
a plum that I am trying to re-foliate
a plum that I am trying to re-foliate

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