Yes, I’m emergent – in the open arms kind of way

I posted this on the Central oregon emergent cohort blog as well (LINK). It seems that conversations surrounding the emerging church or something much different, “Emergent,” are popping up here and there. Some good some bad. I want to make, at least here in the blogosphere, apologies for guilt by association… not because I am sorry that people can be friends and believe different things (or some similar things)… but because there are many who jump to some very extreme ideas without showing grace and love first. When this happens, all sorts of crap hits the fan.

I, at least for myself, feel that the relationship is paramount. Namely, that we show love first… not condemnation. It seems to me that this was Jesus’ initial response. Love. It seems to me that this was God’s character as well… in the revealing of God’s self to humanity through Jesus christ. God is about showing up… real, present, loving… and reconciling people to himself. Should then this be our response as well?

I desire to face the world with open arms. Those that disagree with me, those that I associate with, those that I like and don’t like, I will always welcome them. Some say its stupid to just sit down and have a conversation over coffee… we’ve got to be about telling people the truth!! Well, if it means ending the relationship, there may never be a CHANCE to share the truth… whatever that is really anyway. We must see that there is always going to be more coffee, there is always going to be another cup of tea, there is always going to be another safe space to vent, ask the questions, and share life together… at least from my side.

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