Day to day

My visit in MN has been exceptional… a week is really a long time to be without my own place or car. I’ve seen so many friends, especially those that come with a ride or a place to sleep…

I am reminded of how blessed one is by the people who care for him. I am reminded that investing in people and relationships is never a worthless endeavor.

I still have near to a week of being here. Today, Scott and I will watch some football and hang out with the cats. Tonight I will be reunited with Solomon’s Porch. There is no way that I would be in Minneapolis on a Sunday and not somehow get to one of my all time favorite places. The next few days will be almost exclusively with old college buddies and their wives. I’m looking forward to this a lot.

Perhaps the strangest thing I have found is how easily it is to switch back into the roles that I left behind when I moved to Oregon and began my journey there. I have been so thankful for where my heart and mind… my habits, my thoughts, and my spirit… have been moving out west. This of course remains with me as I am reunited with family and friends. But I have been rather surprised at how easy it is to switch back. People expect me to be the same I was before. I suppose it is a bit tiring to maintain the journey that i have been walking for the last six months.

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