Purpose of church… to objectify women?!?

Gosh, don’t ask how I keep coming across these crazy videos of churches. Unlike the cell phone thing (which was not for real), I think this one is seriously for real. I wish going to church guaranteed me a beautiful wife… even a girlfriend. I don’t really think it is that easy, and it saddens me that a church would use it as a marketing scheme. I would throw up if someone tried to use my future wife as the reason to be a part of my community. Wow!!

I am not always this cynical about church (or as Bill dahl says, “the C-Bomb)… and I am not really even in a phase right now, but these things are too good (or nuts) to pass up. I will admit, though, that it is because of things like this that the C-bomb gives people such a bad taste in their mouths.

3 thoughts on “Purpose of church… to objectify women?!?

  1. That is the best way I have ever seen to ensure that the average marginalized (poor, depressed, weary, downtrodden) person will never be a challenge your church will have to face. Too bad, that’s what the church is for.

    Plus it’s hard to trust a man that shaves his chest. Seriously it is. That’s why I have almost decided not to take professional wrestling seriously, almost.


  2. ya know…….. there has alway been lots more single females than males in almost all churches…..

    but somehow i think most of them would prefer quality vs a guy who came because he likes how the pastor’s wife looks.


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