“Nathan has been involved in our men’s work ministry for some years now, and because of his maturity and generosity, we even invited him to serve on the Council of Elders despite his young age.  There I found him always to be calm, measured, fair, and with a mature spiritual eye.  During all this time he stayed in there with a generous heart and intelligent mind, even while he was a new father and a young husband and trying to pay his bills besides.  He has now formed and educated himself in spiritual leadership, and I have no doubt that he will do any chaplaincy or counseling work with real dedication and competence.  You can surely trust him.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Nathan listens well – both to what is said and not said.  He hears and is able to capture and articulate what he perceives.  Nathan works well with people of all ages.  And he adapts his leadership style to the situation… While Nathan grasps the deeper side of things, he also brings a light-hearted and playful sense of humor and this latter draws you into a deeper and trusting relationship with Nathan.  Finally, he is curious by nature and that makes him a lifetime learner. Nathan offers a host of skills to chaplaincy as well as spiritual direction and I have observed that this work is his life’s vocation.”

Steve, Economic Development Services Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

“In conversation with Nathan about matters of the Spirit, I was somewhat surprised to find him a colleague, peer and at times mentor, though I am 25 years his senior.  There is ‘second half of life’ wisdom in him. He is able to create a safe place for exploration, is able to listen with respect, and can gently draw persons toward insight and understanding. I sense integrity in him, enjoy being in his presence, and appreciated learning from him knowledge, experience, and demeanor.”

David Brock, World Church Leadership Council

“Nathan is passionate in his pursuits and gives them his total devotion. He has a winsome personality and is a good communicator. Nathan has a high concern for integrity and is centered and focused in his values. I believe Nathan has demonstrated the capability necessary for any ministry opportunity he chooses. Further, he has the character that would well reflect his Christian commitment.”

Jim Taylor, Senior Pastor, Mosaic Community Church, Seguin, TX

“Nathan is an amazing listener. He is non-judgmental and is able hold space for my processing of important life transitions. He has reflected back to me both my strengths and my areas upon which I am looking to improve.Through my work with him, I have gained confidence, a strong sense of myself and am more able to take risks than I was in the past. Nathan comes at the world with a solid foundation and is able to express this outwardly to touch all of those with whom he works.”

Jenni, Musician, yoga instructor, ex-director for Human Dignity Coalition, Bend, Oregon

“Nathan is one of the most compassionate, present and hopeful people that I have ever known and I am truly grateful to have the honor to know him. In his work at Mandala Yoga, he brought innovative and relevant programming and workshops, which covered everything from conversations on creating community to spiritual integration. Nathan’s groups were well run, organized and always open to input from the participants. Nathan makes people feel comfortable and he makes it his highest priority to connect in meaningful ways with everyone in his community. In this way, Nathan is a true leader as he forges new ways of relating and being in community with each other. He truly believes in the innate goodness in everyone and seeks to bring that goodness out in all of his interactions. It is this relentless optimism and compassion based in true integrity and professional ethics that makes Nathan such a wonderful and unique being.

The sessions I have experienced with Nathan have been truly profound and have given me greater insight into both my behaviors and psyche. Nathan’s proficiency in unconditional positive regard is one of his greatest gifts as a counselor. He also has a sharp intellect, which does not allow the client to hide. Nathan is always looking for the truth behind the personal rhetoric and will go on a journey with his client to find a path that makes more sense, is more positive and productive and brings about more joy.

As a master’s student in counseling I look to Nathan as an example of what it is to be an effective counselor.”

Tara, Licensed counselor

I found the [grief] group to help identify things we hold in and the ability to share with others experiencing the same but different things. Being human is the key here and [it] was totally in a heartfelt comfortable setting.

B.P, Grief group attendee

“Extremely thoughtful, well organized and well presented information. Many practical applications. Thank you!”

S.K., Grief Training attendee

“Nathan is knowledgeable on grief. He presented in a way I could understand… grief is good and helpful in healing.”

M.W., Grief training attendee

Nathan met me at particularly challenging time in my personal and spiritual journey, and walked with me in grace and wisdom. I am grateful for his gentleness and kindness, and for how he bears witness to the hope God offers in every season of life.

Mark R. McMinn, Psychologist and Author