Reflections on tradition and community

My friend Marc, had some questions regarding tradition and community in response to my reflections on our ceremony, and I think it’s worth a post.

Tradition helps us stay grounded in history which is absolutely essential if we are to adapt to change well. It’s a paradox really. Adapt yet ground in history. So, we as a community must know and celebrate (or even lament) our history, and yet we must continue to build new ways of doing ceremony and ritual.

Reflecting on Ceremony, Celebration, and Weddings

How does one envision a wedding as a community transforming event? How do two people hold space for a celebration out of deep authenticity and steer clear of the “shoulds” and appropriate ways to do a wedding? But it is important for me to note that when we are seeking to build and transform community, every event, every aspect of our lives, has to be considered with the community in mind. EVERY aspect… especially ceremony and celebration.