The difficulty of sustaining our prayer life

While prayer can be such a bountiful blessing, a centering practice, and a means of grounding ourselves in wisdom and truth, it is surely not easy. As I said above, we as humans are created with the desire to love and be loved, to know and be known. This is our journey. Unfortunately, we have a will, an ever-striving ego, which essentially drives us to take matters into our own hands, to seize control.

Theological Prayer and it’s place in the Spiritual Life (pt 2)

Biblical and Theological Prayer and its place in Christian life (pt 2)

Jesus enters the Jewish scene and gives us a much fuller understanding of the divine mystery who humanity is in search of. Jesus, reveals to us, a God who is willing to enter into the human condition. A God who is willing to serve and die, rather than simply be served and judge. Jesus shows us a God who is willing to suffer on behalf of humanity and whose love is more profound than any could imagine…