Grief and End of Life Support

Grief, more than anything, is not something that happens to us but something we learn to do. Much of my life work, daily, and moment-to-moment, is to help people learn to grieve with some skill… and if not skillfulness, at least more awareness to the challenge and pain that comes with figuring it out as we go. There are a number of ways that I invite others to walk together through their grief or end of life.

Grief Gatherings

Where: Mercy Hospital, Oshkosh, WI – Passport 55 Office
When: Tuesday nights, 6:00-7:30pm (6 weeks every Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall)

The grief support group that I facilitate is a very unique chance to learn how to grieve together. It is unique from any other grief group out there and open to any men, women, young, or old in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin (Oshkosh, Appleton, Fond du Lac areas) who are struggling with the sadness of the death of someone they love. I have had medical staff, children, grandchildren, parents, and spouses. Each has noted this group to be particularly helpful as they process, come to terms with, and do something with the grief that they carry so heavily in their hearts.

The group is different every week (of the six) and designed to be a process we go through together. Each week combines elements of ritual, theory, reflection, sharing, and hands-on work with the grief we have. It has been deeply influenced by the work of: leading grief psychologists, Terry Martin and Kenneth Doka; grief specialist, Harold Ivan Smith; teacher / writer on grief and end of life, Stephen Jenkinson;  and my own work as a hospital chaplain.

I ask that those who are interested, email me for specific dates and to RSVP.

End of Life Support 15181500_10100772515041099_1462164216390490966_n

Most of those I journey with in their final days are within the walls of the hospital. Occasionally, I am invited to support and accompany individuals in the community as they live through their dying time. I believe that the work and the impact of dying well is perhaps some of the most important work of our lives and my desire is to help make this happen in such a way that children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are changed by one’s dying and remember this time when it comes to be their turn. This is legacy and this is lasting change in our communities and world. If you are interested, email me and we can talk. Due to life demands, the impact of this work on my own spirit, and years of training and preparation so that I can offer you something significant, there will be a mutually agreed upon financial exchange.

Death Dialogs

Once a month, I facilitate a community dialog about death, end of life, and loving well those who are nearing this time. This is not a conversation for answers, but a chance to wonder together as community members how we might live more fully into the reality and experience of the ending of our days. Email me if you are interested. We follow a specific format and content, so the later in the year it gets, the more likely I will recommend joining in the new year.

3 thoughts on “Grief and End of Life Support

  1. Hi Nathan. My name is Brian I was given your info from deedee in the mercy counseling department for an outlet to help deal with some grief. I’d be interested in sitting in on a session to see what it’s all about. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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