I made a girl throw up

Yes it’s true. That sweet little girl, who got on the bus and asked if she could talk to me while I drove… she threw up right before she got off at her stop. I heard her whimpering as she asked, “Can I have a wastebasket?”

I knew it was motion sickness as she got a bit queasy yesterday too. And it probably didn’t help that the thoughts going through my head as I was driving were something like. “Whoa, bumpy road… if I go faster will it get less bumpy? … whoa, stop. Turn! Is this the right place? Stop… floor it… there’s a car coming… crazy driver (the other guy)…” all to the rhythm of the hip hop I had to turn off when I got to the elementary school due to it’s lack of educational content.

So I made her throw up. She was pretty sad. I just grinned (to myself) and tried to slow down a bit, while offering her some comfort. Her dad actually apologized to me. Go figure.

So yah, this stuff happens to me these days. I guess it keeps life interesting, while doing things that I would rather not do. I remember saying to Kat Sunday night, after a very satisfying spring break, “I LOATH the fact that I am going back to school bus driving tomorrow.” And when I’m not driving it really does feel that bad. It’s only temporary.

Sometimes (actually often, I suppose), we do what we have to do for the people we love. Life is not all about me, after all. Aren’t most things temporary, anyway?

**and for the record, I am a pretty good bus driver… and I recommended she not sit in the front seat next time**


Starting conversations again in months remaining

I’m going to start something. Something big… a rush of reflections if you will.

I came to a realization that life is getting serious. Well, I guess it has always felt pretty serious, but even more so these days. Here I am at the threshold of beginning a career in hospital chaplaincy. I am committing to this path. Our family is making our first real move together in September. Our time until then will be lived as fully as possibly. Working our asses off, yes (so we can have some savings for the summer and the move)… but we want to take as much time as we can to be intentional with our loved ones here in Bend and with ourselves. Serious, I know.

This, on top of the desire I have had for so long to revive my writing. It used to be so full and come so freely, but I think it had more to do with committing the time. After marriage and a baby, not so much desire for writing. Well, Kat has committed to an evening job a few nights a week so I am going to commit to writing.

And starting conversations.

So here is what I am going to do, and what I ask of you.

  • I am going to go back to posting regularly. Hopefully every day, not necessarily long, not necessarily short. Sometimes quotes, sometimes stories, sometimes short reflections. My hope is to engage. 
  • I am burned out with what blogging has become… links to as many things as possible, distractions, photos, etc. etc. I will keep my linking to a minimum and use photos when I am inspired.
  • Content? Most likely thoughts on fathering, nature, school bus driving, transition, the mystical experience, Celtic spirituality, spiritual direction, relationships, Christ… all the good stuff.
  • I would love your comments, your own reflections, thoughts, wonderings, and questions.

So if you made it this far, find the subscribe link on the home page and subscribe through your email. I would really love to engage with folks here.

Love always.