Finding Truth in a Suspicious World



I’ve heard some say Truth (and I would imagine they mean with a capital T) is harder to come by these days. I think I know what is meant here… but I would venture to say that Truth is no less accessible now than it ever was at any time.


If there is Absolute Truth, if Truth exists at all, and for those who believe Truth is contained in God | Mystery | Universe, it necessarily has to be a constant. Never more, never less. It is the individual that changes in his|her ability to pay attention or come into contact with that Truth.

What we can be sure of however, is that any institution, corporation, or system moves steadily towards more complexity, and therefore towards more untruth. This move towards complexity means more layers of expectations, hierarchy, and levels of untruth to the point that one can’t expect to easily find true authenticity, honesty, or Truth.

In our society, especially in the United States, we are becoming more and more influenced by complex systems, from government, health care, religion, to economics and food. Even the food that makes our physical body is so effected by various layers of travel, chemicals,and corporations that we can’t even trust much of that! I have a difficult time trusting large churches for this reason, and I definitely don’t trust politicians.

So it would be easy to think that Truth and authenticity is harder to come by than it once was. I say we just have to be more diligent to look for it. It’s still there… just in different places. Nature, the margins of culture, art. Still Truth. And it is not locked into one religion. We can’t hold on to that early belief and survive as humanity.

Everything is geared to make us lazy or resistant to Truth, even without its awareness or ours. But not our souls. Not souls alive. We must reignite our souls from their sleep, from their hibernation, from their laziness. How do we awaken souls?


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