On speaking our truth in spiritual direction

We must learn to speak according to our own inner truth, as far as we can perceive it…. This gives us a clue to what the director is really seeking to find out from us… The director wants to know our inmost self, our real self. He wants to know us not as we are in the eyes of men, or even as we are in our own eyes, but as we are in the eyes of God.


Unity with humanity in solitude with Merton and Nouwen

“there is no way of telling people that they are all walk around shining like the sun” but God’s glory in you can bring out God’s glory in the other when you have become more conscious of this shared gift. God speaks to God, Spirit to Spirit, Love to Love. It is all a gift, it is all grace.

Going the final mile and the danger of self-direction

Nothing is more harmful than self-direction, nothing more fatal… I never allowed myself to follow my thought without asking advice” (Instructions of Dorotheus of Gaza)

How poignant this is for our times. How often it is that we seek to find out own way, make our own decisions… “my spiritual journey is my own personal thing and I keep it to myself mostly.” My friends, as good as this sounds, it is not the way to move forward in the spiritual life. We must not separate ourselves from the saints, the fathers and the mothers, that have come before us, whatever religion they may be. They will always tell us of the need for a director, a spiritual companion, a confessor, a community.