Spirituality and mystery – J. Steven Harper

Western theology tends to minimize mystery and maximize analysis. If we are not careful, we lose the sense of the sacred which must always attend the theological task... We are dealing with a mystery too large for our minds or our pens. The preservation of a sense of holiness and reverence about all this is something we dare not lose. To do so would be to turn spirituality into something more akin to an element than an encounter.

Why isn’t spirituality taught in Christian churches?!?

Until about 20 years ago, spirituality as a term and specific form of study was not used at all outside of Catholicism… including other religions, but especially within Protestantism. Part of my own (and many that I know who are not in the church) frustration with the churches I have been a part of is that there is no real teaching on processing and/or growing in direct spiritual experience of God.

Finding my voice

I know very clearly that my life in it’s entirety is devoted to the spiritual path. My study, my offerings to the community, my study of self, my prayer life… all of it is for an increased awareness and relation with Spirit, for myself, the community, and the planet. The question is how to remain true to my heritage, ancestors, foundation, and local community?