All that waits to be known…

There is indeed a great deal that is yet to be known and a great deal that will never be known. There is a knowing that happens that in non-mental, non-linear… a knowing that happens in unity with the world and with the Spirit of God that is “in all and through all and in whom all have their being.” Check out the full post for these beautiful lyrics and the song that echoes in my heart and soul today.

We don’t need wealth for wisdom

For those of us who have not traveled around the world, cannot afford to sit with the greatest teachers, or don’t have the resources to take extravagant vision quests, we need not be discouraged. Sometimes those who have seen the world over, have a great difficulty truly seeing what is right in front of them.

The sacredness in the ordinary

Much of my efforts in connecting the community are about holding space for the normal. The community meals, the dialogs in circle, tool libraries, community gardens, and coffee dates. When these become special and enough, we begin to see the Divine working all around us. We don’t need anything more than what we have. We are able to LIVE into the world we want to see transformed into.