Christmas… Snow, rain, and pure joy

Best friends
Best friends

As I wait in Portland for our ride back to Bend, I find myself thankful, thankful, and more thankful for the blessings of Christmas this year. Leaving behind the car and the cell charger left me with much more time to… yah, I guess we spent much of the time on the computer. Working on blogs, websites, emails, and movies.

But there was more than that. Arriving to Portland with its snow saturated streets, cars buried, some roads undrivable, I was thankful that we were able to rest in the spacious seats of the Breeze bus line. After three days of rain and 50 degree weather, though, the multiple feet of snow left on the ground worked itself down to green grass again. Strange. Definitely encouragement to stay inside and by the fire.

Carley made some amazing food. From Mexican stew with corn bread dumplings, to chocolate cake, to turkey.mash potatoes.cranberries, we were satisfied to no end. Parker brought the beer and provided us with story after story (not to mention the “dumbledor”… the crazy concoction of chai, heavy whipping cream, almond milk, coconut rum, and hazelnut liquer). I brought the home roasted coffee. Kat brought her sweet self. Carley’s daughters, as well, graced us with their presence.

Love of friends, family, adventures, memories, rest, escape. Thankful for it all.

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