Consistency and beautiful existence

Been thinking a lot lately about consitency and living beautifully. I am thoroughly convinced that if we cannot live with consistency the tradition and faith that we follow (no matter what religion we are) we have no ground to stand on. Across the boards, inconsistency is making people’s message lacking.

I suppose I should speak from my own life, as an example, as I see it so often in Christianity. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the ongoing historic community of people who are following in the way of Jesus, but i am not sure where so many “Christians” thought that it was ok for them to not live like Christ. Ok, maybe it has to do with the grace piece or maybe it has to do with the notion that since our eternal salvation is secure (or what if it’s not!?!) we don’t have to worry TOO much about how we live. I am not sure that people are listening any more if they can’t see it.

As Anthony de Mello said so poignantly, “it’s those who are worrying so much about life after death that forget that there is actually life before death as well.”

I want my life to be such a beautiful expression of my learning from my master, Jesus, that I have ground to stand on when it comes to inviting others into a better, more whole way of living. I want to be known as having a beautiful life. Who needs words when you can show someone what its like to experience life?

And so how do we begin to be consistent? I think awareness that we are not consistent is the first part. As much as I want it, I am not consistent. People may see me as consistent, but I know that I am not… After awareness, there must be a desire to be consistent. Without trying (that’s the tough part) we must begin to want the things that are better for us. Trying just makes us consumed with that which we are trying to avoid. Surrounding ourselves with those who want the best for us rather than selfishly taking advantage. SLOW DOWN… this is huge. In everything, slow down. Find a teacher.

And as I said to some friends tonight, don’t get wasted. That does not help consistency.

Remember, it only takes one time of inconsistency to start us right back at ground zero with those who are watching our every move. Live in it… without the presure. Be aware and change will happen.

One thought on “Consistency and beautiful existence

  1. I know, I said I would never read your blog. However, I have been sitting in a very small camper for 3 days and I have exhausted all other time consuming activities. I have read only one of your posts and become thoroughly confused. Lets start at the beginning. I can understand a desire to live a “beautiful” life. In life I have come to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps it is too much to hope that others perceive you as having a beautiful life? Furthermore, I am slightly confused about what you mean by showing others what it is like to experience life. It is my understanding that people experience their own lives and the lives of others through a “lens” crafted from past experiences and teachings. Perhaps it is not life you hope to help people experience, but life as you see it?

    Lastly, I find it interesting that you told some friends not to get wasted. There have been times in my life when I have been a “heavy drinker.” assuming your referring to alcohol, and if not lord knows I have given it all a shot. At any rate, I feel that getting “wasted” ,while it is not immediately successful at making a person consistent, in the long run has the potential to create a need for consistency. From personal experience I can tell you that to have some one tell you not to get “wasted” and to, in time, find a balance in your own life are two completely different things. I’ll let you have a guess at which is most likely to be more effective.

    At any rate, I probably should not have read your blog at all. I feel it has not been entirely productive if at all. However, it has been a good use of 20 minutes. So perhaps a success.


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