The ebb the flow the drama… life

I’m standing in the ocean,
waves pounding me trying to knock out my footing
    as I dig my toes into the shifting sand.

Pounding pounding… one side then the next.
sometimes above and sometimes below.
I am forced to give and to take
Yet every inch of my body joining together
    in united effort to staaaay


Stay strong, Nate, stay strong,
You are that immovable force that can look the waves in the face
With compassion and presence
Breathing, breathing, breathing that life giving Spirit wind
    that gives the strength to live

That same wind that causes the waves as well

One thought on “The ebb the flow the drama… life

  1. You are a poet — among other things! When the wind subsides and the waves calm, you’ll be able to look up and out unhindered. You are strengthened by God’s breath in every moment.


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