Theology conversation about authority… okanes tonight

So we will be meeting at O’kanes (back part of McMenamins) at 7:00pm tonight for our monthly catch up and conversation. Should be a really good conversation as there is lots going on with each of us and it’ll be good to be able to support each other in all this.

The question for the evening (thanks to Bob) is the following:

Phyllis Tickle’s new book, The Great Emergence, raises the question of where authority lies in the new emerging transition we are now in.


The protestant Reformation set Scripture as the final authority, and that has been the case for the last few hundred years.

(remember before that it was the Pope, not scripture, that had the final authority on earth for ALL Christians.)


So, the topic I would like to tee up is:  where does authority lie if we are open to interpreting the scripture in a post modern perspective,

and thus may have many differing understandings of just what Scripture is telling us?

(for example, the role of women as teaching Pastors in the church.  Some think this is natural and how Jesus lived it, and some think that The Bible says it is not ok.)

Hope to see you there,

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