Don’t let me be misunderstood

Where even to begin

spin thoughts, feelings, emotions

Twisting my heart mind spirit from my head

    through my heart

    into my stomach and end

    in that knot in the middle of my back.

Ok, yah… the ache, stiff knot…

    it shows up when i’m stressed

Burned out, upset, and tired.

Or a relationship ended.

The hopes for future, the plans, the ideas,

Left in a heap of question marks…

    or unfinished sentences.

Where to go now, what to do, who to talk to,

    how to go on.

This hundred pounds i’m carrying on my shoulders

Hard to keep my head up

It feels like i sat up all night in the rain.

Wishing for i don’t know what…

Waiting for something to happen…

Cold, muffled, alone, beat down.

I don’t know…

Don’t leave…

Don’t turn your back

At least show up…

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh lord, will i always be misunderstood?

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