Next steps in Community… no more playing the middle-man

So don’t get me wrong, I love getting the information. I love being in the know. I love sitting down and having the one on one conversations at the tea store or the coffee shop with those in my community or those who I am just getting to know. I am getting better and better at this… and as things begin to consolidate and foundations are built, I realize that I, Nate Bettger, am quickly getting tired.

Not tired of the conversations, or tired of the information… I love it… but tired of being the one who hears every individuals ideas and then relays them (or defends them) to the others. There are so many things that we can be saying to each other versus just saying to Nate. And so many of our ideas and thoughts, questions and ideas, need to be discussed outside of our worship gatherings on Sunday nights. So we are beginning… FINALLY…

The Sunday Night Community Dreaming Team

Or maybe we call it the scheming team, or the strategizing group… or whatever. Nevertheless, here is where we can hash it out… my place 4:30pm-5:30ish. In this way, we as those who appreciate a say in who we are and what we are doing or going to do can begin to provide input. For too long it has just been me that knows what’s going on.

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