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One year ago… Unanswered prayer… a response and a theology

Perhaps the one of the most difficult reasons for maintaining a sustainable prayer practice and perhaps one of the most painful parts of being in relationship with a God who is so much greater than any of us. How do I respond to someone who prays for healing of a loved one and does not receive it?

Show up and “show home”

One of the biggest lessons I have learned about community is showing up. Real. Ready. Raw. Authentic. Present and accounted for. It’s so hard sometimes… and I recognize the difficulty many have with showing up. It most often comes back to trust. When we have risked and been hurt, risked and been hurt, it gets […]

The Material is Just Another Tool

I’ve really lost my appreciation for curriculum… or maybe I never really was a big fan anyway. I think there was something always that didn’t quite fit when I heard that word or when I was told about the latest and greatest new material. Being educated in youth ministry and getting a masters, I heard […]

The Trust Factor

My first of many writings on small group life, growth, and spirituality must foundationally be about trust. I hear so often people reflecting on the challenges that come from people committing or not committing, sharing or not sharing, being open or closed, honest and vulnerable or distant and removed. Foundationally, it comes down to trust… […]

Practicing stillness

The men’s group that I am a part of has recently renewed our desire to focus on spiritual disciplines as the focal point of our gathering. Our desire is to look long and hard at our lives and listen (in ourselves and each other) for the areas that we would like to grow… areas that […]


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