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My heart and calling to spiritual direction

Spiritual direction has a bit of a negative connotation in our independent and “don’t-step-on-my-toes-or-tell-me-what-to-do” culture. It has, however, been an accepted and necessary component to the spiritual journey within every historical faith and spiritual tradition for thousands of years. How is it that now, we think we do not need it? From the moment I head-first dove into my […]

The Celtic Hearth – epicenter of community and spirituality

Traditionally, the hearth is a site where the Celtic family gathers for both physical nourishment (for cooking and eating) and for spiritual nourishment (in the form of story telling, spiritual teaching, prayer, and healing). It is widely understood in the Celtic world that the hearth is a sacred place. It is a practical, yet spiritual, epicenter of Celtic culture. What are your hearth experiences?

One year ago… Unanswered prayer… a response and a theology

Perhaps the one of the most difficult reasons for maintaining a sustainable prayer practice and perhaps one of the most painful parts of being in relationship with a God who is so much greater than any of us. How do I respond to someone who prays for healing of a loved one and does not receive it?

Rohr – Christians have a phd in “either/or”

Thank you for your words, once again, Richard. Here, he talks about the all-too-common dualism in Christianity (about the 7:00 mark). From the Evolutionary Christianity website. Richard Rohr on Evolutionary Christianity Other highlights… how did we go from the inclusive son of God, who spends time with tax collectors, sinners, and prostitutes into an exclusive […]

“Serious” Spirituality

Two young seekers reflect together on the paradox and dynamic of being young men dedicated to the spiritual path. One says, “I have found that if I am going to surround myself with people dedicated to serious spirituality, I am usually going to be one of the youngest in the room.” “Serious” spirituality, eh? I […]


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