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Scraping at the clay of your heart

Negative introspection damages the soul… You cannot dredge the depths of the of the soul with the meager light of self-analysis. The inner world never reveals itself cheaply. Perhaps analysis is the wrong way to approach our inner dark.

What is your face? or place? …either way, let it flow

Christ plays in ten thousand places. Or maybe it’s that Christ dwells in ten thousand faces. However we think of it, it is our journey to find our unique self and let it flow!

The disconnect of body, mind, and soul

With our modern sensibilities and scientific knowledge, we no longer know the miracle of the human body. When we suture the split between our bodies, our minds, and our souls, however, we will begin to remember both our unique human being-ness and our soul’s connectedness with the ultimate Essence.

Listening to Heal

Listening to Heal

“Before every session I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no experience that this person has that I cannot share with him, no fear that I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I too am human.

Ego Climbing and Selfless Climbing

From Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: “To the trained eye ego-climbing an selfless climbing may appear identical. Both kinds of climbers place one foot in front of the other. Both breathe in and out at the same rate. Both stop when tired. Both go forward when rested. But what a difference! The ego-climber […]


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